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The Black Dragon's Lair

The Black Dragon's Lair

Part 3

In this episode, we used my new and improved character sheet. I really like the mechanics of players defending against attacks rather than monsters rolling against armor class.

Enjoy the episode!

For the ancient black dragon’s response, I used this table.

Rolling d6

  • 1-3 The dragon wakes, flies away and destroys a nearby town.

  • 4-5 The dragon wakes, eats a trespasser, then returns to sleep.

  • 6 The dragon wakes, surprised by guests and wants to talk.

Dragons are terrible monsters, but also human, if not superhuman, in their intelligence. Never do I play the beastly dragons, but rather, I tap into our worst vices and sins and display them through the dragon’s character.

In that way, they represent the how terrible it can be to end up a one-sided human, who only values their limited self. Dragons live a long time and with no one to call them on their garbage self, they end up becoming only more and more wicked as they embody the vice.

Don’t be a dragon, learn humility and understand that while each of us has dark parts, they need to be brought to light. Sojourn on!

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Sojourner’s Newsletter
Sojourners Awake!
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