Jan 31 • 1HR 23M

Sin and Repentance

Von confronts himself in the Abyss

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Episode details

In this episode, the characters Von and Hawkins find themselves in the abyss, an otherworldly plane far from their homeworld of Bonzarel. When describing this world, I decided to draw from desolate landscapes that houses demons of lawlessness. I hoped to place the characters in a hopeless situation where mortals should not be for they only serve one purpose in hell - as nothing more than prey.

Intimidation would be the best path to avoid confrontation. They decided to kill a demon in cold blood and harvest it’s husk. Then they could display it as a trophy to warn predators that hunting them would be no easy task.

Given the dangerous territory the encounter unfolds as the sojourners partner with another mortal to steal a vial from a demon. Once obtaining the item, they would all transport themselves back to their homeworld. However, Von suffers from paranoia after being bitten by one of the local varmints. He can’t proceed with the heist until he can calm himself down and that’s when he notices an angel walking among the wicked citizens in the abyss.

This encounter pays off as it prepares Von to deliver a confession of killing another man, and more importantly confess his weakness in handling the oppressions and murder of his own family. In the world I have designed, angels desire not gold, but rather confessions of truth. They are completely pure beings, living out of bounds of good or evil, and therefore enjoy watching the struggles of mortals wrestling between conscience. This interchange lead Von to reveal his inner most thoughts on his inadequacies of his decision making. Von finally stands cured and proceeds with the mission.

Finally, we got to see Von traverse not only a physical abyss of desolation but also to explore his own motivation and actions. Hawkins and he exit with their new companion and leave behind the demonic landscape of the abyss.

May your story continue,