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Synchronicity and Second Chances

The Fairy and the Free - 19 - The Fight and the Friendship

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I have heard that there are two ways of thinking about time. There is the traditional linear model in which you begin, you live and you end. Each one of us are stationed upon this pathway that moves minute by minute. This is a chronological view and realistically, it makes the most sense. If a minute passes, you can’t really claim that minute back in the future - unless you are a timelord.

The second way to think of time is a cyclical model. We are all positioned in a moment in time, but rather than a beginning, middle and end, the time continues on in the shape of a circle with no discernable beginning or end, but a loop. This is not a chronological model, but a kaironomic model, in which time is not measure in hours and minutes, but moments. And theses moments loop back into our life, much like the four seasons, weather and the stars above in the sky. This model is helpful when making life choices and changing it for the better.

I bring this up because within our faith, we will never be able to reclaim lost time, but we can reclaim lost moments. Because of our faith, we know that eventually, the missed opportunities will once again arise. The lessons failed will once again recirculate, often in a synchronous manner.

In the Fairy and the Free, the protagonist Tryina, the eladrin elf, left the hateful embrace of the Queen of Air and Darkness. She escaped in the guise of “going on an errand” for the Queen and then allying with a god to leave the expansive eyesight of her malicious mistress. Since then, the lovable eladrin has become a mother as well. In this episode, (19 - the Fight and the Friendship), I noticed how once again, Tryina found herself a matronley figure in the form of Duvanna, the elven woman. However, unlike Lady Winter, Duvanna demonstrates compassion, understanding and grace towards the sojourner. Rather than extorting Tryina for her wiley charm, Duvanna gifts her with resources and friendly companionship, even relating to her as a fellow mother.

In our lives, we may not be ever able to reclaim the wasted hours, but God has a way of brining the “kairos” moments back into our lives through the natural order of synchronicity and reconciliation.

All the rivers flow into the sea,

yet the sea is never full;

to the place from which the streams come,

there again they flow. - Ecclesiastes 1:7

Just as with the weather, the seasons and the stars, prepare yourself for a second, third and infinite chances to continue your story.

Happy Looping!